Raising Cane's

Anyone who knows me at all knows I'm a bit of a health nut. Well... by college student standards, at least. Which you can imagine is not saying much. But honestly, most days, a pan of roasted veggies or a bowl of homemade soup sounds way better to me than fried food from a fast food restaurant. Most days. But sometimes, my willpower wavers because I have that thing you call a boyfriend - one who just so happens to love all that delicious and bad-for-you food.

And so came the day I finally took a visit to Raising Cane's, a much raved-about (mostly by Dan) fried chicken place. And I have to admit, I thoroughly enjoyed it. That was some GOOD fried chicken!!

I really had fun making this layout about a simple event like trying out a new place to eat. I didn't think too much or plan anything. Honestly, I was planning on just making a layout for fun and not blogging about it - just to take a layer of expectations off, which I often subconsciously have for myself. But that freedom really allowed me to come up with something I ended up loving!

You can see I really had fun playing with paint. I mixed some Color Shine mist into the paint, too, so it has a beautiful shimmer!!

And I love that rub-ons resist the paint, so I didn't have to worry about messing it up :)

Some more DIY enamel dots. Really using them a lot on recent projects - I promise I'll have the tutorial up for you next week!! :D

Mmm, good food and good friends really are a recipe for happiness. <3

2 Souls, 1 Love

With the busy schedule of school and homework (man, sometimes I sure miss working full-time!), it's been hard for me lately to create and scrapbook as much as I did two months ago. Even when there is time, school just really burns a girl out! So with those precious times that I do find myself at my desk - honestly, sometime I have to force myself, but after just ten minutes, I don't regret it - I don't stress about making sure I'm documenting every little moment of my life. Because if it starts giving you more stress, what's the fun in that, right?

For me, scrapbooking is just as much about being creative as it is about documenting memories. The layout I want to share with you today is just that - putting pretty products on a page with some nice photos. And throw in a sappy, corny title, because where else am I ever going to be able to do that??

Two Souls, One Love. Our relationship is far from perfect, which is something that's really been resonating as something to work on recently, but this still rings true to me, 100%. We're not perfect, but we can get through anything together with the love we have for each other and by the grace of God.

The layout is based on a loose grid, but to make it more interesting, I cut out some big, colorful flowers from an Elle's Studio paper, something that I've done previously here and have loved. Most of the other pieces in the grid are in the new collections at Elle's Studio.

Similar to that layout, I added embroidery floss behind and around some of the flower cutouts and other elements. I also machine stitched around many parts of the layout. These two additions give both subtle and bold dimension and texture.

Finished it off with a gold resin flower - because I love them, so why not? ;)

Thanks for stopping by to take a look!

Silly Boy | Elle's Studio Sketch

I've been somewhat of a scrapbooking slump lately. Maybe it's the cold winter, which makes me just want to curl in bed under poofy blankets with a book. Or maybe being back in school just drains all the energy from me. But then I recently received a small order from Elle's Studio with some of their new, gorgeous collections, which really got me right out of this and got me creating again! Woohoo for new scrapbooking goodies!

I thought it appropriate to put all these new goodies to use using a sketch, also from Elle's Studio. Here's a look at what it looks like:

I followed the sketch pretty closely, except that I used an 8.5x11 format, which I am still experimenting with these days. I like the challenge of the smaller space, and it's just so comforting to know that these will be able to store.

I loved that I was able to use this huge chipboard piece from Crate Paper, which I was having trouble thinking of a use for. It had some really girly articles of clothing hanging on the clothesline, so I just covered them up using some of my new pennant tags and clip tags (which I trimmed the clips off of).

Some of you might know how I like to alter items to fit my needs and style. And I'm also really not a fan of pink. There were some tags I got that were a bright pink that I didn't like, but I like the design/sayings. So I just took a red Copic marker and carefully went over the pink parts to make it a red color that matched my layout! Here's a before and after shot of a piece I did this with (that I didn't end up using on this page):

The red version is much better for me!

So many fun tags!

Maybe if you're in a bit of a slump, you can treat yourself to some new scrapbooking goodies too!! You know, as long as you don't go overboard and will actually be inspired ;) I'm definitely on a kick with these new products, so I'll be sharing more projects soon using them!
Until then, I hope you have a great start to your week :)

South End forever?

Dan and I recently celebrated our two year anniversary :) Our time together so far has been quite an adventure, and such a blessing. And we're getting to the point where we pretty much know that we're going to be spending the rest of our lives together (yeah, I'm only 20, and this is my first relationship, so some people might think I'm being naiive, but in my heart, I know that this is the truth). Which means talk of our medium-long term plans. Where will we be living? Where will we be working? Are we going to stay right where we are?

To be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of the Northeast. I'm not a winter person at all. Plop me down in a place that never goes below 30 degrees and I don't think I'd need anything else in the world. Okay, not quite..... but you get what I'm saying, right?

So the idea of staying in Boston for the foreseeable future doesn't sound so appealing to me. But there are other things to take into account - I DO still have 2.5 years of school left, so I have no choice in staying here anyway. Dan already has a job lined up here after he graduates from grad school. We have an amazing apartment that we own. We live in a great neighborhood with so many amazing restaurants (as well as guilty pleasures) within a few blocks of us... and though the winters are bad, the summers are so. so. wonderful.

I die cut my title from my Cameo and stitched over it... I had some problems where the thread came out, but in the end, I like the texture of the holes that were left ;)

These house stamps from Amy Tangerine were perfect for my layout about "home!"

To be honest, this layout was more of a pretty journal page, rather than a documentation of an event. But I think this is a really important stage of my/our lives, so I'm glad I got it scrapped :)

"...for now, South End is our home..."

Thanks for stopping by today! Hope you have a great [long] weekend!!


One more thing before I leave - just because I don't think I can contain it in me anymore, and want to shout it from the rooftops - I received an email last week, let me know that one of the cards i submitted IS GOING TO BE PUBLISHED in CARDS magazine!!!! I'll have to wait until May to see it in the June 2014 issue, but WOOHOO!!! This is my first publication so I am super stoked and honored. Whew. Okay, I got that out of my system now! :D