February Plan With Me with FREE Printable! | Bullet Journal Setup

Hello everyone! Today I’ll be showing you how I set up my bullet journal for February.

This month I actually created TWO printables! The first one is free and you can find it here (you will receive an email that has the download link. Make sure to check your spam folder if you don’t see it!). The second one is available for purchase for just $2 - and the PDF will also include a version of the artwork without a February calendar in case you want to use it for a different month or just as artwork to hang up!

As you can see, this month’s theme is a moon and stars theme. I wanted to pick one that was easy to replicate for beginners - everyone can draw stars, and the moon is pretty easy as well!

For the monthly layout, I did a slightly more involved layout than usual by drawing a box for every single day (instead of a simpler grid). It’s more work, but I really love the look of it. Feel free to simplify the grid if you’d like! Another new thing I included is a section for “next month” because I always find myself having future notes or to-do items that I’m not quite ready for yet but don’t want to forget.

IMG_3477_edit copy.jpg

I tried another new weekly layout because I’m experimenting each month to find what works best. For this month, I created four large squares on each page - seven are for the days and the extra one is for meal planning. Along the top, I have a to-do list and on the right side, I have a condensed version of a habit tracker.


Instead of doing a complete habit tracker spread this month, I’m choosing five things I want to focus on most and including them in my weekly spreads instead because I find it hard to keep up with monthly habit trackers.


As usual, I created all my weekly spreads for the month in one sitting so I’m all set for the month. And I decided not to preplan any other spreads that I usually do (gratitude, favorites, habits) so that I can decide what to do as I go.

That’s it for my February setup! Pretty simple this month, but I had fun experimenting with some new setups!