Small Space/Apartment Craft Room Tour! | Storage on a budget

Hello everyone! Today I am excited to show you my first ever craft room tour!

I’ve moved around a good amount in the last few years, so this is the first time I’ve had a semi-permanent place for me to really settle my craft space. The benefit to having moved many times is that I’ve had lots of different setups and now have a better idea of what works for me.

My space is relatively small - half of a small room, which I share with my husband - so this might give you some storage ideas and inspiration if you are also in a small space. Even if I had the option of having a larger space, it probably wouldn’t work as well for me because having too many supplies is sometimes overwhelming. Plus, if your space is bigger, things are farther away so you spend more time getting up to find or grab things!

You can watch the video of my craft room tour here, and I’ll point out some of my favorite storage solutions in the post below:

One of my favorite parts of my crafting space is my ink and washi storage wall. It’s functional, but also decorative! I love storage solutions that put your supplies on display, because then you’re not “wasting” precious space - and also, craft supplies are naturally pretty so you may as well show them off! I was able to find this ink cubby at a secondhand store for under $10, but I know there are companies that make special ink storage compartments like this (Etsy is a good place to look).


Underneath my ink storage, I have a DIY solution for washi tape. I went to the hardware store and grabbed two hooks and a dowel, and that makes a super easy washi holder! Iove this because it’s super easy to do, holds a ton of washi, and is budget friendly. You can easily add a second or third row of this if you have more washi - maybe even a whole wall of washi! That would be beautiful. 😻 I love having all that pretty washi on display, and I find that I’m using it a lot more because it’s easy to access. Win-win!

These ideas also bring me to another tip in general, which is to use vertical space. I try to hang things on my wall that are decorative but also provide lots of storage. On another wall, I have this trio of cubes. It hangs above my desk, so I keep my most used supplies on there such as adhesives and my favorite ink pads. I love that this also give these supplies a space that is within easy reach and OFF of my desk, because I’m sure you all know how messy a desk can get when you’re in the middle of a project!

As for my actual desk, it’s a pretty small one that I found on Craigslist. My favorite part of it is the little compartment for you to plug things into, and my heat tool fits perfectly in there so it lives in there all the time! Having places like this for anything with wires automatically makes your space look neater. Wires are a total eyesore and also tend to get in the way. If you can find a desk like this, definitely get it! If not, another solution I have that I used to do is to attach a command hook to the leg of your desk and to hang your tools from there. Easy access, and you don’t have to bother with plugging in any time you need to use a tool which makes a huge difference.

My locker unit which holds many of my supplies is from IKEA, and I love the clean but unique look of it. Inside, I have some fridge bins and other baskets to organize my supplies.

The clear drawers I have for my mini ink pads are makeup organizing drawers that I got from Amazon - it is the largest piece in this set.

Finally, of course, the IKEA Raskog cart. This is something that you probably see in 95% of all craft room tours, and for good reason! This bad boy holds SO MUCH!! I actually only just got mine recently and can’t believe how much of a difference it makes. I can basically hold ALL my markers/pencils/other media, lots of precut cardstock and card bases, and still have room to spare. I also love that it is easy to wheel around.


That’s pretty much it for my room! I’m sure it’ll change in time, but I’d love to hear your thoughts! And what are some of your favorite storage ideas for your craft room?