VIDEO: Plan With Me | December 2018 Bullet Journal Setup

Hello everyone! With the holiday season coming up, I think it’s so important to stay organized and on top of all of our holiday travels, parties, and gifts. So today I’ll be walking you through how I set up my bullet journal for December


I recently reached the end of my current planner, and I’ll be starting a brand new official bullet journal in the new year, but since there is still one month left in 2018, I pulled out a small Moleskine journal. The exact one I use is the 5”x8.25” Cahier notebook with gridded lines. They come in packs of three and are a great deal! I’ve been using these journals for YEARS. I find them to be a great size, they’re lightweight so they’re easy to carry with me all the time, and they’re less intimidating than a large hardcover official journal/planner. One of these will usually last me about 3 months, but I’ll just be using this one for December. The front and backs of these notebooks are very similar and hard to tell apart at a glance, so I just decorated the front of mine with a few strips of washi tape.


For now, I left the first page blank because I’m going to go back in later and create something pretty.

The first full spread is my monthly overview. I penned out a good sized monthly calendar, and created a box to the side to keep track of important dates. Other things I like to include on my monthly pages are goals, books and TV shows I’m reading and watching, and photos I want to take. You can customize these boxes however you’d like! For this month, I decorated the page with some simple ornaments and Christmas string lights and went with a green color scheme.


The next few pages are for my weekly spreads. I like to do all of these at once in the beginning of the month because these don’t change too much and it makes it easier for me to plan for the week ahead. I’m trying out a new (for me) layout for these weekly spreads for the month. Each of the spreads has an empty space (which I’ve filled with illustrations in this example) that I’m leaving blank so I can fill it with whatever I like that week, like a quote I like, something funny that someone said, or just other random doodles.


The next spread is one that I really loved in November - it’s an illustrated “favorites” spread where I doodle out some of the things I’ve been enjoying that month.

I think these turn out looking so cool and it’s fun to look back on. I like to create monochromatic drop shadows on these illustrations with the month’s theme color so that it doesn’t look too busy. For now, I’ve just created the title for the page and will fill it in with the illustrations later.

For the next spread, I have one page for a gratitude log and the other side is just a brainstorming page for some of my project ideas.


Finally, I like to leave some blank pages for journaling. I left these as the last spreads for the month because I never know how many pages I need, so I can just fill them up as I go instead of trying to guess how many pages I need in between other spreads.

I filmed a full video showing you the process if you’d like to watch:

Thanks for stopping by today. Hope this inspires you to get organized for December! :)