New Year's Goals

Ok, I know that everyone lately has been talking and posting about New Year's resolutions. But I have to be honest - I'm not really into them. BUT, I do believe in setting attainable, productive goals for yourself. Otherwise, your life just passes by and before you know it, you haven't done any of the things you always thought you had so much time for.

So for this year, I wrote down just a few things I would like to aim for while also focusing on an overall sense of what I'd like my life to be, and wrote them down. This little piece is going to live above my craft desk, where I obviously spend most of my time ;) 

IMG_1070_edit copy.jpg

I also stamped a bunch of words from the Sweet Stamp Shop To-Be List and Extra To-Be Words.


There is such a great selection of positive words in these sets, it was hard to choose just a handful! I want these words to remind me to stay focused on BEING as well as DOING. Because doing amazing things means nothing if you are kind of a crap person right? 😜