Chibitronics Light Up Interactive Card - Sweet Stamp Shop Collaboration

Do you (or your kid) LOVE science? Are you always looking for a new way to make a unique and clever interactive card? Are you up for a little creative problem solving? Well then, keep reading!!

Today I am SO excited to share a collaboration between Sweet Stamp Shop and Chibitronics with this fun interactive card. If you've never tried Chibitronics (like I hadn't before this), you are in for a real treat. These great products are such a unique way to use both your right AND left parts of your brain for cardmaking!

IMG_3775_edit copy.jpg

Chibitronics was so generous and let me try out a Starter Kit, which has everything you need to teach you the basics of LED circuit stickers and still have some supplies left over for a couple of cards. If you're new to all of this, this kit is a great place to start. Doing each "lesson" would also be a REALLY fun and educational experience for kids, too!! I'm not even exaggerating when I say that I'm just looking forward to the day when my (newborn!) nephew is old enough to buy this kit for haha ;)


Anyway, definitely start with the lessons in this workbook because it will teach you a lot, and you'd rather make mistakes here than on a card that you worked so hard on, right??

Once you've gone through and have a good grasp of the basics, it's time to put it all on a card! Decide what kind of system you would like to use, and I would HIGHLY recommend starting with a sketch on your card base. This is what my initial sketch looked like, but as you'll see later, I had to do some troubleshooting and move things around a bit. But, that's all part of the fun process! 

IMG_3346 copy.jpg

I probably was a bit of an overachiever with my first card, because I wanted to make a red LED light up behind my Dream Princess (my thought was that it would be like her heart hehe), BUT I also wanted to make a few stars (from Lil Moon) light up in the sky at the same time - so four LED lights total... I know, what was I thinking?? You could definitely keep it much more simple and just have one thing light up per card. It might save you some sanity and crumpled copper tape! Speaking from experience..

So to get my card started, I inked up a nice background using Distress Inks. I didn't want to deal with masking, so I stamped my princess and a few stars onto Sweet Sticker Paper. Another big reason I wanted to use sticker paper was that I wanted to keep the thickness of my images as thin as possible so that the lights would be able to shine bright through the cardstock of my inked piece AND another layer, and sticker paper is much thinner than another layer of cardstock.

IMG_3343 copy.jpg

Then, I just colored up my images with some colored pencils (one of my favorite coloring methods recently), and fussy cut them out.

IMG_3345 copy.jpg

Then, it's time to lay down your copper tape and LED stickers onto your card base! Here is what mine looked like when it was done. You might be able to tell that I messed up some of it, had to pull it out, and put some new tape down. But in the end, no one will see what I like to call the "guts" of the card anyway. In my case, ugly guts ;)

IMG_3349 copy.jpg

Guys, I can't even explain the excitement of that first test, just crossing your fingers to see if all the lights will light up... it's such a great feeling when it does - especially if you messed up once like me and they didn't like up the first time, lol!!

And... it works!!!

IMG_3351 copy.jpg

Now to put all the pretty stuff on top and cover up my mess! In order to leave space for the battery, and have the top flap of wires only touch it when it's pressed down, I ended up having to use THREE layers of foam tape in between the card base and the top layer. Just place some around the border of your card and in between the copper tape, and you'll be good!


Isn't that SO COOL!? It's hard to completely do it justice in a photo. You really have to try it out with your own hands, or at least see it in a video - check out my Instagram (@michelleyuen_) if you want to see this card in action!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my first try with some Chibitronics. It was such a cool learning experience, and I can't wait to jazz up some more cards with these lights!