Video: Masked Stamping

You guys might know this already since I did a whole series on it, but I love stencils. They are a great way to add interest to a background, or to created your own "patterned paper," but you can also get some cool effects when combined with stamping - which is what I'm going to show you today!

To start off with this technique, you'll want a very basic stencil  I used a star, but think along the lines of circles, squares, hearts... one solid shape! Oh, and you'll want the "positive" part of the stencil, meaning it is the actual shape rather than the shape cut out of something. This is easy enough to get ahold of if you make your own stencils out of clear plastic like I do (check out a tutorial for how to do that with a Silhouette Cameo here)

Then, what really helps is spraying your stencil with a light coat of Easy Tack on one side - not TOO much, or else it might make your card icky with residue after you pull it off. I usually spray it once, and don't wash it until it loses all its stickiness or if it gets really dirty (and then I store them in sheet protectors). 


OK! So once you have your stencil all set up, just stick it onto a card base and then get stamping around it! I used the Petal Pushers stamp set from The Alley Way Stamps and tried to stick to stamps that had more solid stamping area. This helps to define the edge of the stencil. I used lots of colorful inks for a fun look, but you could also go monochrome with this and I'm sure it would look awesome! 

To define the stencil edge even better, I first took off the stencil and wiped off any ink that had accumulated. Then I placed it exactly where it was for the stamping and lightly added some Distress Ink, making sure to move my strokes from the middle of the stencil, working my way off of it. This way, you get a super subtle look, but once you take that stencil off, you see that awesome defined edge! A small step that makes a huge difference.

Now that you have this lovely empty shape where the stencil was, you have a perfect place for a sentiment! I went with a short and sweet "yay!" which I formed with glitter thickers. Then I finished with some bright pink glitter star stickers - to go with my themes of colorful, glitter, and stars! :)

You can watch the video below to see the entire process. Enjoy!

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