Video: Spectrum Noir Colored Pencils + Gamsol: Review + Tips

Hey everyone! Instead of a full card tutorial video today, I wanted to share some of my thoughts on a new product I recently bought (Spectrum Noir color pencils) along with another product that will really help you to stretch your supplies and create smoother results.

cover photo.jpg

I have to start off my saying that I didn't pay attention to what set I ordered, because I found it for $15 on Amazon and really just bought it on impulse - so the colors I have are very limited. However, I'll be discussing more how to use the pencils regardless of the set you buy. Just be smarter than me and actually pay attention when you shop hehe ;)

P.S. As a designer and lover of pretty things, I'm a sucker for pretty packaging... and you've gotta admit, these pencils look pretty darn elegant, all lined up perfectly with gold foil lettering. :)

Here's the video to watch as I experiment a little with this product, and I also show you how to use Gamsol, which is a great tool to have no matter what brand of color pencils you have. It really does make the results so much smoother, and I love the finished look of it. The stamp set I used for the flowers is Altenew's Persian Motifs (linked at bottom) [Click here to watch on YouTube]

Here's a side by side comparison of the pencils with and without the addition of gamsol. You'll see they still blend quite well without it, but I really do love the smoother effects when you add this inexpensive product. By the way, I found my bottle of Gamsol as well as my tortillons at my local art store, (Dick Blick) but I'll also link you to a kit that you can buy online at the bottom of this post.

In the video I just quickly walked you through how I colored one of the flowers - I finished the card off camera, adding a simple and elegant black stamped sentiment using a Winnie & Walter stamp set (this is a must have sentiment set!).

Then I trimmed it a bit along the top and bottom and mounted it on a lavender card base that really brings out the purple colors.

So, my bottom line, final review after a brief glimpse: These are good, affordable colored pencils. I wasn't particularly wowed by the results they produced on their own. They're supposed to be very creamy and blend very well together, but I just didn't see that - unless maybe you put in an incredible amount of effort, which is the opposite of what I wanted to use them for. However, with the addition of Gamsol, I love the effects I can create much better and this product makes the pencils worth it for me (since I bought them at about 50% off retail price, $15). Also, I definitely would have gone for the primary or essentials set instead of the marine one I mistakenly bought. The range of colors in this particular set is very limited.

I hope this product review + tip video was useful! If you'd like to see more videos liek this, where I show you products and ways to use them (rather than a card process video), please let me know or leave me feedback below! It really helps me to bring more videos that are useful for you :)

Thanks for stopping by today! By the way, I'll also have another video where I color in an image and complete a card using these Spectrum Noir pencils + gamsol so make sure to subscribe and stop back by if you want to see more of this technique.