Video: Using Washi tape + paper scraps on cards

Do you have an ever-growing collection of washi tape? Do you hold on to every little scrap of patterned paper and throw it into a pile that only seems to get bigger and bigger? If so, bust them out and let's make some cards!

I have a set of cards to share with you today that are so simple for you to recreate with whatever materials and scraps you have on hand. Although I show you my sizable collection of washi, you really can get by with just a few rolls - just find some paper to match with them, choose a couple of stamps (I used Oogles and Meltdown, plus Rock Solid for part of the sentiment), and you're golden :)

Watch the video below to see how easily these cards come together. [Click here to watch on YouTube]

The styles and patterns you can create with this simple composition are endless and a great way to use some of your supplies that you might have been neglecting!

I hope you enjoyed this video - I'll also have another one soon showing you another way to put your washi tape to use so make sure to stay tuned for that - I might show you some sneak peeks on Instagram too so if you're on there be sure to follow :)