Video: Word Search Stitched Cards - The Alley Way Stamps

Hello :) Today I want to share an easy way to create some custom sentiment cards - and you can easily create a whole colorful set! All you need is an alphabet stamp (I used Alphabet Soup from The Alley Stamps) and some simple stitching skills.

Watch the video to see how it's done.

[Click here to watch on YouTube]

These are the two cards I created in the video - a birthday card as well as an "I Love You" card. Check out the cool effect from the gradiated thread I used!

I went back afterwards and decided to create more birthday cards to have a whole set on hand - because I'm always in need of birthday cards. It's just so fun to have one in every color so I can pick the one that I think would be best for whose ever birthday it is!

You can really recreate these cards with ANY sentiment you want, because you can rearrange the alphabet stamps in any way!!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! :)