Video: Sliding Sentiment Interactive Card Tutorial

I'm always trying to think of ways to make my handmade cards extra special. I mean, of course, handmade cards are ALREADY special, but it's just extra nice when you do a cool technique or something so different that when someone gets it, they just say, "WOW. How did you do that!?" One way to set your cards apart from a store-bought card is to make it interactive. For today's card, I'll show you how to do this in a really easy way, by making a sliding sentiment strip!

When someone first gets the card, the sentiment will be hidden, like in the photo below. A dimensional embellishment and the slightly curled pennant edge hints that there might be something more there, but you can also leave just a bit of the sentiment peeking out just so they know there's something more there!

And then they pull on the tab.... and voila! A secret sentiment, like a hidden treasure. ;)

You can incorporate this idea into any design and with any stamps/supplies you want. For today's card, I used a stamp set from The Alley Way Stamps and colored it in with Copic markers. I did some ink blending for the background with Distress Inks.

Some rules/tips for making the sliding sentiment:

  • Make sure the total width is no longer than the width of your card. Physically, it just won't work!
  • Trim your sentiment strip, but make sure to leave longer notches on one end to keep it from falling out of the slot!
  • Have a dimensional embellishment on the end of the strip that stays revealed so that the whole strip doesn't fall into the slot
  • When adding adhesive between the front layer and your card base, make sure you don't put adhesive right up against the edge of the strip. You want to put adhesive around the height of the TALLEST part of your strip - that is, slightly larger than the height of the notches you created. Otherwise, the notches will get stuck and your strip won't be able to slide out.

Here's the video to see how it's done :)

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, showing you how to make an interactive sliding sentiment! See you around soon.