Video: Stencil Series #2: Ombre Gradient Inking

Hello everyone! I have another installment of the Stencil Series here for you today - and this one comes with a video! Because videos are fun, yay!! :)

This technique is really a progression from the last one, which was a faded gradient. This time, I simply added more colors and blended multiple colors into each other. 

Here's the video to see exactly how I did it! By the way, I really tried to kick up the quality this time, fixing some lighting and making a snazzy new end cover ... hope you enjoy it!! ;)

[Click here to watch on YouTube]

Check out how easy it was to make a masculine card (which I usually struggle with!) by using greens and blues. Switching up the colors you use is an easy way to change your card to fit any recipient - maybe use your friend's favorite colors? 

Hope you enjoyed! Stay tuned for another video tutorial soon continuing the series!