Video: Stencil Series #5: Versamark + Heat Embossing

Hello everyone! I have another video for you today, continuing the Stencil Series with a simple Versamark + Heat Embossing technique.

The video also goes over another cool technique - Distress Ink Faux Watercolor Stamping, where you get this really awesome watercolor look that looks like you have some amazing watercoloring skills! But really you just inked and stamped... :)

I seriously loved the effect of this so much that I'm definitely going to make another card with this technique again - maybe trying multicolor inking  on those flowers. (Stay tuned!)

So even though the Versamark and heat embossing might not be super complicated, revolutionary stuff, make sure to watch the video to see how to create this easy faux watercolor look!!

[Click here to watch on YouTube]

The clear heat embossing is shiny and subtle - the perfect touch for a background when you have a nice scene you want to let shine.

I hope you enjoyed this video! Just a couple more to go in this series, before I am all Stencil'ed out ;) If you have any cool ideas for using stencils that I haven't shown yet, be sure to leave a comment to let me know, so I can try to make a video for it!

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you have a wonderful week <3