Video: Stencil Series #4: Layering Stencils

Hey! Welcome back to another video for this Stencil Series. I hope you've been enjoying these videos and getting some ideas for how to use your DIY stencilsToday, I'll be showing you how to layer up your stencils to get the look of texture within a shape. This is an extra special card because I gave it to my boyfriend for our three year anniversary :) And with Valentine's Day coming up, it would be an awesome option if you just switch up the sentiment!

This works best with a stencil of a simple shape, such as a heart like I used, or maybe a circle or star. To make your own stencils with these easy shapes, make sure to check out my DIY stencils tutorial and you can probably just buy some simple shape SVGs from the Silhouette American store if you don't have them already.

Here's a video showing the process [Click here to watch on YouTube]:

Layering up your stencils like this is such an easy way to add interest to a simple shape and makes a great focal point as well as a (sort-of) background.

By the way, a hint on the gems I use - you'll notice they're not self adhesive, which is why I have to adhere them with liquid adhesive. I buy them like this, even though it is an extra step, because it is SOOOOO much cheaper!!! Instead of buying a $3-5 sheet of adhesive gems, I bought a HUGE box of a random assortment of gems from Michael's in the jewelry making section. That box will last me my whole cardmaking lifetime, I think, and it was the same price as a single sheet of adhesive gems. Worth it? I think so.

I'll be back soon with another tutorial soon - granted I don't drown in all the homework I have... :O  Haha, see you later!