Video: Stencil Series #3: Distress Inked Backgrounds

Hello, hope you had a great long weekend (if you're somewhere that celebrated Martin Luther King Day)! I'm continuing my Stencil Series today with a quick card, shown in video form.

If you followed along with the last card in the series, then this one will be a breeze! I used the same kind of inks - Distress Inks - and instead of blending multiple colors together, I took an even simpler approach and used one color ink for each kind of background! Doesn't get any easier than that. And sometimes, easy is just what you need :)

Watch the video to see how simple this card came together:

[Click here to watch on YouTube]

What made this card even simpler was using a sticker as the centerpiece and also the inspiration for my colors.

Seriously, if you have stickers, die cuts, or any other kind of embellishment (especially from those half-used stickers sheets that you must have dozens of like me haha), get them out and use them!! You can match your DIY inked backgrounds to be ANY color you pull from these premade products and pull together a card in minutes!

Here are some more examples of cards where I used Distress Inked backgrounds... for both, I happened to use my Chevron Stencil (guess it must have been my favorite at the time!) and instead of inking a color onto white cardstock, I created tone on tone looks by inking a color on top of a similar colored cardstock.

Such a perfect and easy way to create a custom background for stamped animals, people, robots.. anything, really!

Just a reminder, if you're interested in the stencils I used, you can purchase and download them here for just a few bucks. I used the Polka Dots as well as the Chevron in all the cards I showed you today. And check out my tutorial for DIY stencils if you haven't seen that yet.

I hope you're enjoying this series so far! I'll be back soon with another technique for stencils, but if you have any other ideas or suggestions, please leave me a comment below! :) Until next time, happy crafting!