Embossed + Faux Watercolored Backgrounds with Distress Inks | Video Tutorial

Hello! I have something very exciting to share today... my very first VIDEO tutorial!!

I posted this image on Instagram a few weeks ago, and some people were interested in seeing the process behind the technique, so I finally put together a setup I've ben working on for a while so that I could produce some process videos. Here is the very first one, and I promise it won't be the last!

Okay, so onto the video!

Here are some final photos of the card:

IMG_0543 watermarked.jpg

The effect is amazing in person, and I've had people receive these cards and actually say, "Wow, how did you do that??"


Here's another photo of the card I've made previously with this technique. You can see that both of the cards I've made are really simple, but it's fine because I really want the background to shine and show as much as possible since it's so pretty!

IMG_0365 watermarked.jpg

So... there are still some kinks I have to work out (like remember to stay on screen haha), but thank you so much for watching my first amateur attempt at a video tutorial. If you liked it or found it useful, please leave some love + support in any way you can/want! This could mean subscribing to my very new channel, or to my blog (if you don't already) - because there will definitely be more videos like this in the future if you're interested. Or, you can leave a thumbs up on YouTube or a comment below!

Let me know if there are any future videos you'd want to see as well! See you next time :)