How To: Stitching on photos for a scrapbooking layouts

I'm not really sure why, but over the last few months, I've shifted from doing scrapbooking layouts to cardmaking and had stopped making layouts completely. But then there was this fabulous photo... with lots of white space. And I thought, perfect! It was the perfect opportunity to try stitching a quote on the side of the photo as a layout title! And today I'll show you how to take your own quote and stitch it onto any photo (or just paper/cardstock) on a layout!

First things first: choose your quote. Nothing excessively long, or it might not fit (By the way, I had my photo printed at 5x7 instead of 4x6 for a slightly larger canvas). Then practice writing out your quote if you'd like, choosing what kind of style you want. I chose a calligraphy-like script, but you can just do big letters in caps if you think that might be too hard for you. The larger and simpler the letterforms, the easier this will be. But you can see that I did this in relatively small script, and it still came out okay, so I believe you can do it too!


Once you're happy, trace it on vellum. The great thing about vellum is you can see through it, so you can place it on top of your photo to make sure you're staying within the white space and not covering up anything important.


Once you're happy with your letters, tape your vellum on top of your photo with some temporary adhesive (like washi tape) to make sure it's all lined up. Then... you're going to poke a whole bunch of holes!!!


Get out an old mouse pad, or if you have a stitching kit, that would be great to use now, too! I just used a plain old thumbtack to poke my holes, but you can use a paper piercer if you have one. Or anything pointy. Make sure to pierce through intersections between lines, and end points. For everything in between, just pierce about 1cm apart. Or half an inch if you have easy letters.


When you're done, DON'T throw out your vellum piece just yet, because your photo will probably look like a hot mess of random holes!! It might be hard to see exactly which holes connect to which when you're sewing, so the vellum with all the drawn lines still on it comes in handy later on.


But once your holes are done, just pick out and color of embroidery floss and you can just do a simple backstitch through all the holes - I used 2 plies of the 6-ply floss but you can use a thicker ply if you want your quote to stand out more. This might take a while if your quote was long like mine, so pop on a TV show or movie!

And voila! A fun, unique, one-of-a-kind way to dress up a photo while adding interest to your titles.

You can go about the rest of your layout any way you want. I chose to have lots of layers and a big cluster of embellishments.

For a unique take on journaling, I wrote along two sides of the border of one of my layers, which I had sewed down.

I almost exclusively used the Market Street collection by My Mind's Eye. Since I hadn't scrapbooked in a while, using supplies from one collection where everything already coordinates really made things easy.

I hope this tutorial for custom stitching was helpful to you! See you again soon - and I'll probably be back making cards by then hehe ;)