Updates, updates

One month since my last post? How did that happen!? Oh yeah, life happened. WHOOPS!

Safe to say, things have certainly not been a bore around here. Many, many things have been happening - both in real life and in my creative/blogosphere world. Hint: This means some BIG things will be announced (hopefully soon), so you'll want to keep an eye out!!

I have to admit, I haven't been scrapbooking much - but I do have one layout I'd like to share with you!

A quick and fun layout with lots of layers. I decided to do some handwritten brushscript and cut it out by hand. Even though I have a Cameo, I love going back to the basics every so often - it's more unique, and also easier when I'm too lazy to design something on my laptop haha ;)

But even though I haven't been scrapbooking much, my creative energies have been put to use in other areas. For example, hand lettering! Once upon a time, I took an intro online course on hand lettering... and never finished anything. But I just loooove the look of it, and this quote has really been on my mind because I'm always brimming with ideas of my future career. So, here's a simple hand lettered piece and hopefully I'll be making more in the future!!

Other than that, I've been making lots of cards also, because I'm constantly inspired by Jennifer McGuire. Make sure to follow me on Instagram for photos of those as well as any other creative endeavors I take on in my never ending adventure of all things crafty, haha!

Also, a quick photo from a gala I recently went to for work. Yes, a shameless mirror-in-the-hotel-room picture but... hey, I don't get to dress up much, and I bought that dress specifically for the event so, whatever - just humor me! Lol :)

In the meantime, I will be working hard for some big projects for my blog. See you soon! :)