Beep Boop

I've been a very happy girl lately. It's amazing how much good weather can change your mood. I mean, 75 degrees and sunny in Boston? That doesn't happen often, so if you don't enjoy it when it does, you are missing out big time ;)

Recent and future adventures include:
A picnic with my friend Sarah in front of the Museum of Fine Arts

Taking pictures on fire escapes

Seaside photo ops

Nighttime strolls in our beautiful neighborhood

Watching my plants grow :)

Hand lettering outside on campus

Lots of ice cream eating and more picnics to come!

Sorry, I got a little carried away there. I've clearly been taking LOTS of photos recently!!
My real reason for this post is that I wanted to share a card with some SUPER cute new products!!
Just check out that little robot stamp (Lawn Fawn - Beep Boop Birthday) and those teeny tiny flower sequins (from Simon Says Stamp)!! They seriously are the cutest things I've gotten in the mail in a looong time!! I especially love the robot stamps because they would be great for cards for guys, but obviously I made it a little girlier here by adding the flower sequins.
I gave this card to Sarah during our picnic, and I think she really liked it ;) After all, a handmade card during a summer picnic? What's not to love??