Snow Mountains

WOO, I'm on Spring Break!! Except... wait, it's 15 degrees outside. Hahah, so much for "Spring!" I'm not the only one just hoping and dreaming spring and summer will come faster, am I?? This winter has been brutal, and there has been just SO much snow. Enough to make snow mountains, literally.

Anyone who knows me even a little bit knows that I am so NOT a fan of winter or the cold... which means I tend to not take as many pictures as in the summer, and therefore don't scrapbook winter very much. But I think this winter just had to be documented, to have some sort of record of how bad it was - that way, I can look back on it in the future and think, "Well if I got through that, I can get through any kind of weather, right?" Hehe :)

This layout was kind of an adventure to make, because I used a very different layout that I normally use - the picture is in the corner and there are a bunch of elements around the edges, but not much in the middle. It's loosely based on a layout by Lisa Truesdell (second layout down)

This approach was a bit challenging at first, but after a bit, I really got into and love how it came out!!

It's also a great way to use up scraps of paper - always a good thing!

Don't you love when you try something new and different and it just turns out exactly how you wanted it to? Because let's be honest, sometimes it just utterly fails, haha! Next week I'll be sharing another layout with a similar approach, so stay tuned!! 

Stay warm amidst the snow mountains ;)

2 Years

This past January was the mark of our two year anniversary! It's amazing how fast the years have flown by, but also how much it has changed the both of us in this time.

I just want to share a quick layout with you today that I made to remember how we celebrated - with chocolate and good food, of course!!

Sometimes I have issues with hoarding the beautiful products that seem almost TOO pretty to use, but I made sure not to do that on this page, since it is extra special and nothing is considered "wasted" on it!

I especially love, love, LOVE that beautiful floral paper from the new Maggie Holmes collection, Style board.

I love this other paper, too, but it turned out to be a bit to busy for my taste for the background. My easy solution was to paint some thinned white acrylic paint, and that made it perfect for me!

I used a lot of embellishments from various manufacturers on this page, but the centerpiece was this die cut flourish that I cut on my Cameo, watercolored, and then added the title and some enamel dots - those things work for ANYthing!

So there's a really quick post today - thanks for stopping by and looking!

How To: Big Hand-stitched element | Roots & Branches

Hey everyone! I'm here to share a really cool tutorial today about a fun technique: hand stitching a big element! This is great for adding interest to a background (like I did for this project), but I think it would also be awesome to do the same thing to cut out and use as an awesome handmade embellishment. It takes a little time, but the effect is just stunning. Let's get started!

So the first thing I did for my layout was a bit of stamping with a border stamp from Paper Smooches. It adds a little texture to the background, but honestly I just really wanted to open up the brand new set of stamps I got and put them to use, hehe ;)

Then I sketched a big element - I used an ampersand, because it fits in with my title (Roots & Branches), but you can really choose any shape you want that isn't too intricate. Then I poked holes along the outlines about a centimeter apart - you don't have to be super accurate, because it will still look amazing!

The next step isn't too hard, but definitely takes time. Plop yourself in front of some nice scrapbooking process videos, or your favorite TV show until you come up with something like this:

So all I did here was go over the whole background of the shape with a simple backstitch. After that was done, I went back through random holes to make criss crosses inside the shape. This gives it such an interesting texture and dimension on the page! And notice how I left some gaps? Well, I already knew where I was going to put my photos, which were going to cover up a big part of the stitching. Since it is so time consuming, I didn't want to put too much work into a part that I knew would be covered up.

After that was done, I applied my title by cutting it out of cardstock on my Silhouette Cameo, and then using the negative as a stencil. I mixed some gesso with paint until I came up with a color I liked, and it looked like this:

You can see I also added a spritz of yellow spray mist to give a little home in the background for a die cut butterfly. I did this in three places on the layout.

After adding a bunch of stickers and die cuts, I finished my layout!

I mixed some spray mist with water to make those droplets across the page. I might have gotten carried away in some places, ha!

I love how these die cut butterflies look against the yellow mist. It really makes them stand out, since the background is white.

Thanks for stopping by today! I hope you give hand stitching a try on your next projects, because you really get some amazing effects with it!!

The Nutcracker

Last month, to celebrate the end of the semester, I went on a girl's night out with some friends to see the Nutcracker ballet. I wasn't sure how much I'd like it, with there being no talking and all, but it was really fun and quite a show! I was in awe of the dancers, especially since dancing is the one thing I wish most I could do and just can't.... at all, haha ;)

All it took was a new sketch up at to get me inspired to scrap this awesome night! Here's a look at the sketch if you want to play along:

As you can see, I rotated the sketch to fit with my photos, and also added a little strip at the bottom because it felt too empty for me.

I finally worked up the courage to cut into this beautiful Maggie Holmes vellum. It's just so, so beautiful!! But that means it belongs on some pages instead of sitting in a box ;)

After the show, we grabbed dessert at Max Brenner's. If you have a Max Brenner's near you, and have never been, you MUST go. It was so heavenly and I dreamt of chocolate for the whole week after. And might tonight, too.... Mmmmm.

Note to self: Go on more awesome girls nights. Hehe :)

Things might be a bit quiet here for the next few months... the school semester just started two days ago for me, and it's already getting intense!! Wish me luck please <3

Hope you had a great start to your week, and thanks for stopping by!!